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Replacement / Spare Newall Spherosyn Scale (Scale only, with cover. NO brackets or reader heads)


Newall Spherosyn Scales are ordered in travel length. For overall length add 258mm.

*Example 305mm travel length + 258mm = 563mm overall length. Choose 305mm as the order length* 


For Pre-order status, these are built to order, approx 3-7 days Lead time


Reseller discounts and accounts available 


Prices exclusive of VAT & Shipping 

No payment on website - you will be sent a proforma invoice 




mm LengthPart Number mm LengthPart Number
51SS005100 3048SS304800
102SS010200 3150SS315000
152SS015200 3251SS325100
178SS017800 3353SS335300
203SS020300 3454SS345400
229SS022900 3556SS355600
254SS025400 3658SS365800
305SS030500 3759SS375900
356SS035600 3861SS386100
406SS040600 3962SS396200
457SS045700 4064SS406400
508SS050800 4166SS416600
559SS055900 4267SS426700
610SS061000 4369SS436900
660SS066000 4470SS447000
711SS071100 4572SS457200
762SS076200 4674SS467400
813SS081300 4775SS477500
864SS086400 4877SS487700
914SS091400 4978SS497800
965SS096500 5080SS508000
1016SS101600 5182SS518200
1067SS106700 5283SS528300
1118SS111800 5385SS538500
1168SS116800 5486SS548600
1219SS121900 5588SS558800
1270SS127000 5690SS569000
1321SS132100 5791SS579100
1372SS137200 5893SS589300
1422SS142200 5994SS599400
1473SS014730 6096SS609600
1524SS152400 6604SS660400
1626SS162600 7112SS711200
1727SS172700 7620SS762000
1829SS182900 8128SS812800
1930SS193000 8636SS863600
2032SS203200 9144SS914400
2134SS213400 9652SS965200
2235SS223500 10160SS1016000
2337SS233700 10668SS1066800
2438SS243800 11176SS1117600
2540SS254000 11684SS1168400
2642SS264200 12192SS1219200
2743SS274300 12700SS1270000
2845SS284500 12954SS1295400
2946SS294600 13208SS1320800

Newall Spherosyn Scale

  • Flat rate of £25 for all Newall Scales up to 500mm travel length. 

    Shipping Variable after 500mm to 2428mm. Bespoke quotes for over 2428mm (not free shipping!)

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