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We are the official distributor for Newall 


Travel Sizes 26" x 9" for a Colchester Student 1800 Lathe (please check your machine size requirements before ordering) Machine travel should be 25" & 8.5". Fitting is not guaranteed, please measure these sizes against your machine. 





1x 26" Spherosyn Scale 

1x 9" Microsyn Scale 

1x Spherosyn S300 Reader Head 

1x Microsyn M300 Reader Head 

1x Fitting Kit for 2 Axis Lathe

1x Headstock Mount 

1x Power Cable  


For machine tool builders and importers

Newall’s NMS300 Digital Readout System sets the standard for reliability, value, and ease of use.  Specifically designed to be partnered with machine tool builders and importers, the NMS300 DRO System includes Newall’s Spherosyn300 and  Microsyn300 encoders.  Newall’s inductive encoders are simple to install and designed to provide consistent accuracy and reliability even under the harshest workshop conditions.



  •  Lathe and Mill specific functions
  •  Panel mount option
  •  Selectable resolutions down to 2 micron
  •  Global technical support
  •  User-definable function keys
  •  Custom mounting brackets are available
  •  Custom labeling, setup, and display messages are available


Once you have placed your order, we will be in touch to discuss exact travel lengths and options. NO payment on the website.


Price Exclusive of VAT 




Lead time is approx 10-20 working days


£25 Shipping for standard length. Over 1m Travel Lengths have higher shipping rates. Use the checkout to send your order and will contact you to confirm the correct order part and shipping cost.

Newall NMS300 Digital Readout System for a Colchester Student 1800

£820.00 Regular Price
£799.00Sale Price
These systems are built to order. Lead time approx 5-12 Days
  • £19.50 not applicable here. £25 is standard carriage, may rise with larger scale lengths.

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