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Replacement / Spare Newall Microsyn Scale (Scale only, with cover. NO brackets or reader heads)


Newall Microsyn Scales are ordered in travel length. For overall length add 173mm.

*Example 300mm travel length + 173mm = 473mm overall length. Choose 300mm as order length* 


Built to order, approx 3-7 days Lead time


Reseller accounts available 


Prices exclusive of VAT & Shipping 




10um  5um 
mm LengthPart Number mm LengthPart Number
50MS200050 50MS250050
75MS200075 75MS250075
100MS200100 100MS250100
125MS200125 125MS250125
150MS200150 150MS250150
175MS200175 175MS250175
200MS200200 200MS250200
225MS200225 225MS250225
250MS200250 250MS250250
275MS200275 275MS250275
300MS200300 300MS250300
325MS200325 325MS250325
350MS200350 350MS250350
400MS200400 400MS250400
450MS200450 450MS250450
500MS200500 500MS250500
550MS200550 550MS250550
600MS200600 600MS250600
650MS200650 650MS250650
700MS200700 700MS250700
750MS200750 750MS250750
800MS200800 800MS250800
850MS200850 850MS250850
900MS200900 900MS250900
950MS200950 950MS250950
1000MS201000 1000MS251000

Newall Microsyn Scale

  • Flat rate of £25 for Newall Microsyn Scales with the excpetion of the scales over 30"

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