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Newall DP1200 -


2 Axis DP120021100S10

2+1 Axis DP12003110S10

3 Axis DP120031110S10

3+1 Axis DP12004111DS10

4 Axis DP120041111S10


Newall simplified the DRO display cabinet selection process, by introducing the concept of having one digital readout display for smaller tool room size machines (the DP700), and a different, larger digital readout display for larger, long travel machines (the DP1200). The idea being, the larger, longer travel machines require improved visibility of the DRO system’s numerical displays, so the DP1200 was created. The LED displays on the Sensata | Newall DP1200, are a full 60% larger than the industry standard LED displays found in other DRO’s. DP700 is suitable for smaller, tool room size machines, while the DP1200 is for longer travel machines.

Sensata | Newall Electronics concept of having one digital readout display cabinet for large machines, with larger than normal LED displays, makes it easier for machinists to know their machine position at all times. Additionally, The Newall Spherosyn and Microsyn scales, which require no maintenance, makes it simple for machinists to keep their digital readout systems performing to their maximum capability.



  • Bolt hole circle routine
  • Arc contouring
  • Polar coordinate readings
  • Line hole routine
  • Programmable memory/teach
  • Tool offsets
  • Axis summing
  • Feed rate display
  • Linear and segmented error compensation
  • Part skew
  • RS-232 output
  • Available in 2, 3, or 4 axis (including rotary / angular)
  • Bright, crisp 0.8” high numerical displays
  • Ultra-wide viewing angle
  • 3.S”TFT LCD display - high density, high contrast
  • Real-time tool path graphics with auto-zoom
  • Long life membrane keypad
  • Solid cast construction
  • USB socket to store programs and set-up data
  • Panel mounting version available
  • Optional Digital Sending Unit (DSU)


Reseller discounts and accounts available 

Pre-order build time around 5 working days


Prices exclusive of VAT & Shipping 

No payment on website, you will be sent a proforma invoice

Newall DP1200 DRO Display

£1,200.00 Regular Price
£1,080.00Sale Price
  • Flat rate of £25 for all our standard shipping for Next Day Delivery 

  • VAT is added to your proforma on order

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