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Why Buy a Newall NMS800 Digital Readout

Updated: Feb 20

The NMS800 is the newest in the Sensata | Newall’s range of premium readouts. The DRO hosts many productivity enhancing features that will increase machine tool efficiency.

The NMS800, when matched with Sensata | Newall’s Spherosyn Serial and Microsyn Serial encoders, provides years of maintenance free, trouble free performance. Sensata | Newall’s inductive encoders are simple to install and designed to provide consistent accuracy and reliability even under the harshest workshop conditions.

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NMS800 Features

  • Available in 2, 3, or 4 axes

  • Clean, crisp PMVA LCD display

  • Self-sensing encoder input

  • Long life membrane keypad

  • Linear and angular reading (model dependent)

  • Safe, low voltage power supply (UL)

  • Panel mount version available

Other features

  • Feed rate display

  • Bolt hole circle routine

  • Line hole routine

  • Arc contouring

  • Programmable memory / teach

  • Polar coordinates

  • Tool offsets

  • Taper calculations

  • Axis vectoring / summing

  • Linear and segmented error compensation

  • Undo function (move back up to eight steps if a mistake is made)

  • RS232 output

  • Multiple languages


General Purpose Functions

  • 2, 3 or 4 axes configuration

  • Inch/mm conversion

  • Four user definable function keys

  • Absolute/Incremental operation

  • Axis pre-set / zero reset

  • Zero approach warning (graphic and audio)

  • Feed-rate display

  • Newall Encoder auto-detection

  • RPM Display*

  • Angular readings*

  • Auto resolution detection*

  • Linear and segmented error compensation

  • Digifind / reference mark

  • Centre find (establish workpiece midpoints)

  • Programmable memory for datums and tools

  • Built in calculator

  • Undo function (move back up to eight steps)

  • USB port for loading new firmware and settings

  • Sleep mode

  • Scaling factor

Milling Specific Functions

  • Bolthole circle / PCD calculations

  • Line hole / grid array calculations

  • Arc contouring

  • Pocket / island milling

  • Summing two encoders within the same plane

Lathe Specific Functions

  • Radius / diameter readings

  • Tool offset library (50)

  • Taper calculation

  • Vectoring (requires 3 axes)

Encoder compatibility

Serial input: Sensata | Newall Spherosyn & Microsyn Serial, Propriety Signal not compatible with previous Sensata | Newall DRO Encoders (S2G/M2G)

Digital (TTL) Input: Sensata | Newall TTL Encoders. Many third party TTL encoders including Rotary.

Contact your local sales representative for advice on compatibility.


PMVA LCD Screen - 127 mm x 122 mm - Membrane keypad with audible tactile feedback


High pressure aluminum alloy cast front and rear panel


Height: 187 mm (7.36"); Width: 306 mm (12.04"); Depth: 46.6 mm (1.83")

Electrical requirements

Voltage of 100-240 VAC (47 - 63 Hz) to external PSU included

* Requires rotary encoder

The Significance of Genuine Newall Spares:

How about Spares?

Newall spares are designed and manufactured with the same precision and quality as their primary products. Using genuine spares offers several crucial benefits:

1. **Optimal Performance:** Genuine spares ensure that your Newall equipment operates at peak performance. They are designed to work seamlessly with your existing machinery, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability.

2. **Longevity:** Authentic Newall spares are built to last, increasing the lifespan of your equipment and reducing downtime.

3. **Warranty Compliance:** Using genuine spares helps maintain your manufacturer's warranty, giving you peace of mind and potential cost savings in case of unexpected issues.

Key Newall Spares:

1. **Microsyn and Spherosyn Linear Encoders:** The Microsyn and Spherosyn linear encoders are at the core of many Newall systems, providing precise feedback on position and velocity. To maintain the precision of your Newall equipment, it's essential to have access to authentic replacement encoders.

2. **NMS300 and NMS800 Digital Readouts:** The NMS300 and NMS800 digital readouts are vital components that provide real-time data on your machining processes. Using genuine spares for these readouts ensures the accuracy of your measurements and simplifies machine operation.

3. **Encoder Cables and Connectors:** Newall also offers a range of cables and connectors specifically designed for their equipment. These components are crucial for maintaining the integrity of the signal and preventing interference.

4. **Mounting Hardware:** Properly securing your Newall equipment is essential. Genuine mounting hardware is designed to ensure the stability and accuracy of your linear encoders and digital readouts.

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