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Encoder for use in the Lift Industry

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Sales of Lift Encoders 

Lift encoders are crucial components that help determine the position of the elevator car in the shaft. They ensure precise floor-leveling and safety during operation. 

Here are a few types of encoders commonly used in elevator systems:

1. **Rotary Encoders**: These convert rotary motion into digital signals. In elevator systems, they might be used to track the rotation of the motor or the movement of the elevator car itself.

2. **Absolute Encoders**: These provide a unique digital code for each position of the shaft or car, allowing the system to know the exact position without needing to track movement from a known reference point.

3. **Incremental Encoders**: These measure changes in position relative to a reference point. They might be used in conjunction with other sensors to track the movement of the elevator car.

4. **Magnetic Encoders**: These use magnetic fields to detect motion and position. They can be more robust in harsh environments and resistant to dust and debris compared to optical encoders.

The choice of encoder depends on factors like the specific requirements of the lift system, accuracy needed, environmental conditions, and budget constraints. Contact us today for sales on Lift Encoders

Encoder Repair

We have a team of fully qualified encoder engineers in house or they can attend site, using either our standard service or our emergency service for faster option.

All our encoder repairs are carried out to rotary and linear encoders. We have recently invested in the latest testing equipment that is frequently used on Siemens motors, Fanuc, Mitsubishi and Heidenhain controls.

Our experienced encoder staff can carry out repairs in our fully equipped workshop. Alternatively, we can travel across the UK and Europe to perform the repairs on site for your convenience and to minimise your machine downtime.

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